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Silver Treasure Found At Silver Saddle Ranch & Club !

Who would have thought we would find old stashes of silver at the ranch ?!

silver ingots

How The Treasure Hunt at Silver Saddle Ranch came about...

The news took me by surprise, and at first I found it hard to believe. But sitting there with ranch boss Tom Maney and head wrangler “Papa” Juan Carrillo, I had to face the reality of what was being spread out on the table before us. Silver...or at least the clues which would lead to silver, a lot of silver.

The story begins one day this past winter, which is a quiet time at the ranch, when Papa had a couple of the new fellows clearing out an old loft in one of the barns. There was a lot of stuff in that loft, including boxes of books, old pictures from early days around the ranch and even an old Stetson hat which unfortunately some small critters had seen fit to turn into a warm nest. Needless to say, the items were old, really old, and covered in layers of desert dust, cobwebs and a more than a few dead bugs.... read more

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